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Five Cute and Easy Halloween Treats

melted with puddles 003 (2)_edited.jpg
Only five days to go until ghosts and goblins will be floating around everywhere you look and, with Halloween, comes the inevitable Halloween Costume Party in school. Sure, I could put together a little lootbag of candy for my daughter to give to each of her classmates, but I figure they're all going to have more than enough candy to gobble down before Halloween is over and I'd like to make something for her to bring in that's a little different from the usual treats.

Last year I made Melted Witch Puddles , pictured above, and they were a HUGE hit with her classmates and teachers alike! The only work involved is melting down the chocolate but other than that, it's only a matter of assembling the pieces. I placed some shredded coconut into a baggie and then added some yellow food coloring so that the coconut resembled straw for the witch's broom. The broom handle was a pretzel stick. I then dipped some Bugels in melted dark choclate and while the chocolate was still warm, secured them to the top of a fudge filled cookie. After melting the white chocolate, I just spooned 'puddles' onto parchment paper, pressed in the witch's hat, then the broomstick and coconut straw.

This year I haven`t decided as yet which treat I will make, but I have it narrowed down to four: Graveyard Brownies, Popcorn Hands, Banana Ghosts, or Strawberry Monsters, Ghosts and Pumpkins. I did a test run yesterday and asked Mackenzie and her friend to test the treats for me, thinking that would help me greatly in coming to a decision. Unfortuantely, they LOVED them all and couldn`t pick a favorite!.

To make the Graveyard Brownies, I simpy whipped up a batch of Betty Crocker Frosted Chocolate Brownie mix and cooked them according to the package directions. I then topped the brownies with choclate icing and chocolate cookie crumbs for the `dirt`. I then used graham crackers and carefully cut them out in the shape of tombstones, dipped them in dark chocolate and wrote `RIP` using red decorating gel on them and added a candy pumpkin for good measure.

Brownie Graveyards.JPG

The Popcorn Hands couldn`t be easier and these were actually made my husband while I was making the Strawberry Monsters, Ghosts and Pumpkins. After popping a bag of microwave popcorn, Stephen placed candy corn into each of the fingers of a plastic glove for fingernails, filled the gloves with popcorn, secured them with a twist tie and put a plastic spider ring on each glove. These Popcorn Hands are perhaps the easiest fun Halloween treat ever and who doesn`t like popcorn? .


I wanted to make a couple of snacks with fruit and I chose to transform regular bananas and strawberries. For my test run, I peeled and cut two bananas in half, inserted a lollipop stick into each half and placed the bananas on a parchment lined baking sheet and placed them in the freezer for about an hour to firm up. When they were firm, I dipped them in melted white chocolate, then rolled them in shredded cocount and added minature chocolate chips for the eyes ad mouth. I think these Banana Ghosts were Mackenzie's favorites but she really did like all of the treats and told me she'd be happy with whatever I chose to make for her classroom Halloween Party on Friday. (I think they are my favorite too....they're so darn cute looking and yummy to boot!).


After I finished making the Banana Ghosts, I melted some purple and then orange white chocolate wafers that I picked up at my local Bulk Barn. I dipped some strawberries in white chocolate, some in purple and some in orange, to make Strawberry Ghosts, Monsters and Pumpkins. These were definitely Stephen's favorites and I think they're super cute. They're so easy to make....just melt the chocolate, dip the strawberries and lay them on a parchment lined baking sheet to cool and harden, then add chocolate or red gel decorating icing for eyes and mouths. I left the stems on because first of all, they make it easier to dip the strawberries but I think they also add a special little touch to the final treat.


These Halloween treats were really easy to make, which is a HUGE plus for me, a little healthier than a bag of candy, not expensive and really, really yummy! They're so easy to make, you could do a tray with all of them or just pick one. No one has to know how easy they can be our secret!

Melted Witch Puddles, Popcorn Hands, Graveyard Brownies, Banana Ghosts and Strawberry Monsters, Ghosts and easy to make and fun to eat!


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