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You can't hurry love....or bacon

In my opinion, breakfast is one of the hardest meals to prepare....many things cooking at the one time, all to be served at their optimal doneness at the same time. Cooking for one is can do it all in one pan, pretty much anyway. But cooking for more than one, or your family, or for a brunch for 90 during a family reunion? That takes a little more planning, patience and time.

First of all, whether I'm cooking for 1 or feeding more than 5 or 6, I always make my 'Always Perfect Scrambled Eggs', (see recipe and instructions under 'Breakfast' in the recipe section of the navigation bar above). But before you crack an egg, pop a single piece of bread in the toaster, or slice a single orange, get your bacon out, put it in a non-stick frying pan or on a breakfast griddle, and cook it low and slow to your desired doneness. It takes a little longer, but its worth it and saves big time on cleanup and pain from scorching spitting bacon fat.

The other things to consider when it comes to bacon is turkey vs. regular, sodium reduced vs. regular, maple, applewood smoked or many things to consider! Personally, my preference is the maple smoked....the smell alone is delicious! But, I only permit myself to have 3 slices of bacon, once a week, max.

If I'm preparing breakfast or brunch for the whole family, parents and siblings included, I always get the low sodium variety, and quite honestly, Sobey's Compliments variety tastes better than any other major brand in my opinion. Ultimately, though, look at the bacon....pick the leaner looking one and go with it.

Moderation is the key....I don't recommend that anyone eat bacon more than once a week and I don't recommend eating more than 3 slices. A little taste is all you need.

You can't hurry love and you can't hurry bacon so when the bacon looks like it's halfway there, crack open your eggs, add your milk and whisk your little heart out! When the eggs are starting to come together, pop the toast down and slice up some fruit.

If I were to ask my kids or family if they wanted an orange or banana or grapes with their breakfast, they'd probably say no. I don't ask, I just garnish the plate with it, and it always gets eaten. For a brunch, that's a little more celebratory - why not mix up a jug of mimosas? What could be better on a Sunday morning than cheap sparkling wine mixed with OJ?


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